Stafan Band Album Dari Duri

Foto Stafan Band Album Dari Duri
Stafan Band Album Dari Duri
Stafan Band Album Dari Duri
Gambar Stafan Band Album Dari Duri
Stafan Band Album Dari Duri
STAFAN bands cartel to absolution their admission album, advantaged 'From Duri' dengant his singles hits 'JanganSesali'. "Indeed we accept from the alpha to accept bodies who are competent to abutment our work, as we chose the ambassador Mas Farid (Farid Rizal, General Manager of Green Axcess Network), for our music administrator Krishna Balagita (ex-Band, ed), articulate administrator There Zoel Kriwil (vocal adviser at Mania Dangdut TPI, red), which created the aboriginal distinct blow is Alyandra Asmiranda model, "said Ringgo (Vox), who diamini colleagues; Edo (guitar), Karit (bass), Rio ( drums) and Erik (Piano). So no one and no best in agnosticism back the bandage was formed in 2005 with a assured absolution 6 (six) of their best assignment for the mini-album blue-blooded 'From Duri'.

Their anthology blue-blooded 'Dari Duri', because they appear from Kota Duri, Riau, Sumatra and added third from Padang Panjang. "We are appreciative to appear from the baby boondocks of Duri, who confused to Jakarta to accommodated abundant bodies in big cities, but we're aloof from a baby town. Hopefully our music is admired and tasteful "joked Erik, a pianist with a agreeable accomplishments is actual thick.

In accession to the distinct 'Do Regrets', additional added works tracks' Without You Must Although,' 'Long way', 'Wishing You Back', Not The Best Of Me 'and' My Adulation Tlah ', back I aboriginal heard it, beeline to our aerial feel comfortable. In fact, they were able to authenticate their musicality like a bandage with professionals who accept been adequately able-bodied accustomed in the apple of alive music and entertainment.

"Stafan is a bandage of new entrants with new work. They are a name and personality are a nobody. But they came up with the abstraction of agreeable and accept abundant ability about music preformance. They do not apprehend the acceptance and banking success alone, but additionally can accompany beginning air for the music industry movement in the homeland, "added Farid Rizal

Stafan has at atomic two of the best absorbing numbers, 'No Regrets' and 'Long way'. 'No Regrets', although balmy in melody, but accord is articular song-matching. Lyrics that accurate all-overs that adulation can be translated appropriately by the vocalist.

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News seems to break household Adjie Pangestu true. He and the wife Natasha Nadia Al Kalifi has been one month pisah bed.
Expressed by the fact that Farrah is not the sister Nadia uterus. He confessed, and Nadia Adjie often involved the fracas.
Full Name: Adjie Mindosio Pangestu

Nickname: Adjie Pangestu

Date / Date of Birth: Semarang, 21 November 1969;


Wife name: Annisa Trihapsari (divorce), Nadia Al Natasha Kalifi.

Child Name: Muhamad Rafi Akbar Putra Pangestu
"Mba Nadia is one of this month I stay the same mas Adjie. He lived in the aunt's house, also in Jakarta," said Farrah time in the kediamannya, Puri Flamboyan Blok G no. Rempoa 10, South Jakarta,
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Adjie Pangestu
Foto Adjie Pangestu

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Reality show "Termehek-mehek" in one of the private television station was a fun comedy, I also include a fan event. But slowly the more I wonder. Are these real events? Indeed, many talk shows and newspapers that discuss the furore the event, besides presenternya any truth claims about the event. So where's my question arise?

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Now try to imagine lifehaters, whether the target client and agree on the personality issues such exposs clear. Have you found a client or target a certain kind of face (sorry) is not interesting or cameraface? When a client looking for someone to guide and always seek out the person who gives information is always neatly dressed and already in the make over? Perhaps the only story in reality is true, but already in the model by the parties or not, and indeed have changed the name.

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